Court Ordered


Diversion Programs

In Los Angeles County pursuant to AB 2124

PES provides misdemeanor diversion programs in 14 counties. PES is the largest provider of misdemeanor diversion programs in California.

PES clients include both small and large counties and we have the capacity to handle very large caseloads.

These misdemeanor diversion programs substantially reduce recidivism, and thus improve public safety.

Program Specifics

The Court Ordered Misdemeanor Program is provided only in Los Angeles County, in a post plea format, pursuant to AB 2124.

The defendant’s eligibility and suitability for the program are at the sole discretion of the Court, pursuant to AB 2124.

Program Description

The programs is 90 days in duration during which time the defendant must pay his/her program fees, an administrative fee, restitution (if applicable) and attend a PES class.

PES collects the class fees and administrative fees of the program and establishes, if necessary, payment plans for the defendants.

Defendants can attend classes in Los Angeles County or other counties where PES holds classes, if that is more convenient for the defendant.

The classes are:

  • Live
  • 6 hours in duration
  • Evidence-based
  • Offered on weekends (generally)
  • Regularly held in both English and Spanish.

Topics available are:

  • Theft and Property Violations
  • Life Skills
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Anger Management
  • Victim Impact
  • Driving Violations (PC 14601.1 and VC 12500 violations)


PES receives all referrals electronically and:

  • Can provide the Court electronic notices of completions or terminations.
  • Has a web based enrollment, payment and scheduling system for the convenience of defendants in the program.


PES does all of the administration for the programs and:

  • Is committed to monitoring and reporting about the defendants in the program.
  • Will follow the progress of the defendants through the misdemeanor diversion
  • Employs a proprietary computer software program which monitors the defendants’ progress through the program assimilating enrollment information, payment progress, scheduling, restitution, completions and/or terminations.
  • Will monitor the community service of defendants, if such service is required.
  • Will monitor and collect restitution from defendants, if required.

Staff is trained to assure that the administration of the program is timely and accurate. PES is very aware of being timely and communicative.

PES will provide to the Court (Department by Department), on a quarterly basis, such information about the program as the Court may require.

Typically, PES provides information on:

  • Referrals
  • Open enrollments
  • Completion summary
  • Termination summary
  • Summary of diversion fees
  • Report on referrals by violation

Other reports show the number of referrals, the violations which are referred and the classes in which the defendants are placed.