Domestic Violence

Batterers’ Treatment



Weekly program currently operating in the following counties:

  • El Dorado
  • Placer
  • Sacramento
  • Solano
  • Sutter
  • Yolo
  • Yuba

Program Description

PES’ Batterers’ Treatment Intervention Program (BTP) is designed to comply with California State Law and individual county standards as required. The rights and safety of the victims of domestic abuse is PES’s highest priority in developing and implementing violence intervention programs.

PES uses an evidence-based curriculum which is based upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and also utilizes Motivational Interviewing techniques (MI).

PES’ Batterers’ Treatment Intervention Program is designed to end the batterers’ abusive behavior by confronting and dispelling, in the group context, the individual abuser’s expressions of the belief and assumptions establishing the various justifications for the use of violence within the relationship, and particularly, the use of intimidation, violence, and coercion against victims and children.

The following session topics comprise the 52-week program which may be utilized for participants in the proposed program, as determined by the individual needs assessment. Participants may also attend a shorter term of BTP services, if their needs assessment indicates such. Some of the session topics listed below are covered across multiple week or class sessions:

  • Introduction to Anger
  • Why We Need Better Communication Skills
  • Becoming a Better Listener
  • Learning to Be Assertive
  • Where Does Your Anger Come From?
  • Before You Get Angry
  • Where Does Your Anger Go?
  • How to Keep Out of Fights
  • When You are Accused of Something
  • Handling Provocations
  • When Someone Else is Angry at You