If you are a one-man shop and don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of appointments, your phone app might be just right. Add-Time offers several advantages that could help streamline your business. Below, I have outlined some of those benefits:

Advantages over a built-in smartphone calendar?

  • Manage staff appointments and schedules
  • See everyone’s schedule side-by-side
  • Allow customers to book online and on Facebook to eliminate phone tag
  • Automatic notification, confirmation and reminders – email or text
  • Collect deposit or pre-payment
  • Setup predefined services with allotted times and prices so appointments can be in an instant
  • Manage customer relations with history, contact info and notes

Who is Add-Time best suited for?

  • Small service businesses that depend on appointments
  • Businesses with a few staff members
  • Those with predefined services and times
  • Those who want some customers to book their own appointments online
  • Those who want to take deposits or pre-payments
  • For those who work outside or away from the office and depend on their phone