About PES

For over 30 years, Pacific Educational Services, Inc. (PES) has provided the criminal justice community programming, education, and substance use disorders treatment programs in 17 counties throughout California: Calaveras, El Dorado, Fresno, Lake, Merced, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Placer, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba Counties.

PES has a keen understanding of the criminal justice system structure and we recognize the programs we provide are but one component of the larger criminal justice continuum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve public safety.

We improve public safety by providing programs and services to offenders. These programs and services reduce offender recidivism. That is our mission and our motive. That is the “why” we are in business.

Our clients include Prosecutors, Probation Departments, Sheriff Departments, Health and Human Services, and the Courts who refer offenders to PES. The general public also takes advantage of our programs.

From an administrative point of view, we are available, responsive and “easy to use”. Our management model is based on providing accurate and timely administrative information to our clients.

We are a data driven company. We collect data and provide regular reports on the effectiveness of our programs. This data collection and analysis keeps us accountable for demonstrating program outcomes. For our forensic treatment programs, we provide an extensive annual process evaluation on our treatment findings and recidivism rates.

PES is actively involved in the legislative process relevant to the criminal justice system. We maintain relationships with criminal justice experts throughout the country to explore the latest material on offender treatment strategies and core correctional practices.

Our Programs

The programs we provide include:

  • Forensic Offender Treatment (both in-custody and community-based)
  • Misdemeanor Diversion (both prosecutor ordered and court ordered)
  • Domestic Violence Batterers’ Treatment
  • Child Abusers’ Treatment
  • First Offender DUI

Services are funded by participants or Medi-Cal, as applicable.

Therefore, the programs are cost-effective and efficient. PES utilizes an evidence-based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach that is delivered in live groups or in individual sessions. PES currently has offender treatment programs in Placer County and in Sacramento at the RCCC branch jail facility.

PES has sufficient computer systems and software necessary to support program operations management and provide data collection and tracking for program and process evaluation.

Highlights of our programs and history include:

  • Currently providing misdemeanor diversion programs in 14 Counties, processing approximately 1,500 referrals each month.
  • Recidivism is reduced by as much as 72% in our misdemeanor diversion programs.Recidivism (violation) was 8% in our offender in custody programs in Placer County.
  • 2002-2007, We provided a Life Skills program, Gang Intervention, and Anger Management classes at the DRC in Sacramento and Solano Juvenile Hall. Programs were provided in accordance with contractual agreement and we met all service requirements.
  • 2007 – 2010 Anger Replacement Therapy (ART) at the DRC in Sacramento and at the Solano Juvenile Hall.
  • PES provided the PC 1000 Drug diversion program in Placer County for many years.
  • Since 1982, Pacific Educational Services has been providing a licensed First Offender DUI Program in Placer County.
  • PES provides 52-week Batterers’ Treatment Programs in eight counties, including Placer County.
  • Offender MRT Criminal Thinking and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Placer and Sacramento Counties.

Background and depth:

  • PES currently employs 19 management/office personnel, approximately 60 facilitators providing direct services throughout the state, and various consultants, including a Ph.D. in criminal justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC, a recently retired Chief Probation Officer, several computer programmers and a lobbyist in Sacramento.

Capacity for services:

  • PES currently provides our direct services both during day and evening hours. Further, we also offer programs on the weekends in order to accommodate scheduling needs for program participants.
  • We have consistently maintained schedules such as these throughout our operations over the last 30 years and are able to support services either during normal business hours and/or evening and weekend hours.
  • Classes are available in English and Spanish.

Key Personnel:
Walter Stockman, President
Lorraine Velasco, Sr. Manager
Candice Russell, Sr. Programs Administrator
Debora Martin, PES-ebs,Inc. Program Director
Diane Rosenberg, Curriculum Director
Greg Stockman, Collections Department Manager
Lisa Wiebelhaus, Accountant
Penni Dant, Diversion Programs and Restitution Manager
Sean Moore, Sacramento Office Manager