Offender Treatment

This class is designed specifically for use with offenders to help them:

  • Examine criminal thinking behaviors
  • Evaluate the impact their drug use has had on their lives
  • Develop and implement a behavioral plan (which includes sobriety from all drug use and recovery maintenance)

Program Description

PES delivers in-custody Offender Drug Treatment Programs at two locations in Northern CA. Outpatient services are also provided in community-based settings.

  • Average length of program: 6 months
  • Course is taught by a certified and trained drug and alcohol counselor
  • Class offered in Spanish and English
  • Program fees may be supported by Drug Medi-Cal
  • Open group format: new members may join at any time

Evidence-based Services

Outpatient treatment program developed specifically for use with offenders

  • Addresses criminogenic needs:
    • Criminal thinking
    • Anti-social attitudes & associates
    • Impulsive behavior
    • Lack of empathy
    • Substance abuse
  • Evidence-based curriculum based on Cognitive Behavioral Theory
    • Addresses risk factors
    • Develops key coping and problem solving skills
    • Positive social development
    • Relapse prevention
  • This program uses a highly-interactive, workbook-based resource for criminal thinking, drug and alcohol abuse, relapse prevention, & community integration, including:
    • Dealing with People in New Ways
    • Dealing with Discomfort
    • Facing Your Responsibilities
    • If You Lapse
    • Making Positive Steps to Take Control of Your Life
    • Avoiding the Negative
  • Additional session topics:
    • Managing Your life: It Starts with the Basics of Goal Setting
    • Coping Skills and Interventions for Specific Issues
    • A Guide to Using Your New Coping Skills
    • Self-Analysis: Review of Relapse Prevention Plans
    • Recovery: Self Evaluation and Intervention Planning
    • Healthy Relationships and Healthy Boundaries
    • Avoiding Your Old Family “Traps”
    • Reasons to Change
    • Key Elements of Change